Harness the power of Data Aggregator Networks to boost local rankings

Harness the power of Data Aggregator Networks to boost local rankings

Push your business information across the web quickly and cost-effectively.

Why choose Local Listings Manager?

Why choose Local Listings Manager?

Submit to 5 Major Data Aggregator Networks

Data Axle, Foursquare, Neustar Localeze, Yellow Pages Network, and GPS Network.

Low-Cost Solution

Just $169 for 3 Aggregator Networks, $199 for 4 Aggregator Networks and $229 for all 5 Aggregator Networks.

Quick Submission

Business data is checked and submitted within 5 days.

Free Updates For 12 Months

No charge if you need to make an update.

No Automatic Renewal

You’re in complete control.

Local Listings Manager is great for any type of business

Real Estate





Home Services



Financial Services



Personal Services

Local Listings Manager

Distribute business data to 1,000s of directories, apps, and mapping services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a local data aggregator and what do they do?

A local data aggregator is a platform that submits business data to a network of citation sites. They act a little like a marketplace that trades business information, and can make citation building a quick and easy process.

What's the difference between a data aggregator and manual submissions?

The main difference is the speed and coverage. With a data aggregator, you’ll be added to a finite number of sites based on the citation sites within each aggregator network, although you’re not guaranteed to get a listing on every site. This happens quite quickly and can save you time.

On the other hand manual submissions, as the name suggests, have to be built manually, one by one.

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